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The amazing Shade Sale Wizard concept

Living in Queensland (Australia) “The Sunshine State” we have plenty of sunshine which can be a good thing and can also be a bad thing. We all know we should limit our exposure to the sun and its harmful rays and this is where The Shade Sail Wizard system can help in reducing the exposure to not only the sun’s rays but other weather conditions.

Make every post a winner

The Shade Sail Wizard is sun smart in the sense that it has the ability to change the angles of the sun’s rays where most rigid or fixed structures can’t. This adds a new safety dimension for parents when considering extra protection for their children whilst outside when under shade sails, one minute the kids in the pool or sandpit are in the shade and next minute in the sun due to the suns constant movement, this is especially prevalent in the morning and afternoon.

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The Product you You Need This Summer

The Shade Sail Wizard can also aid in the protection of gardens, furniture, cars, boats and general external equipment by changing the angles of the coverings in all weather conditions.


Simple to Use Anywhere Outdoors

The Shade Sail Wizard is versatile as it will fit any shaped existing posts and poles; size of posts is determined by the length of chain used.  Its uses are potentially unlimited wherever there’s a post.

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Once the SSW is attached it becomes an anchor where the attachments are secured to the exposed chain links for the coverings/sails, even if not used for any coverings the exposed chain links can be used for ideas such as: use hooks to hang whatever you want like, pool equipment, general tools, garden equipment, lights, the list goes on..

The Shade Sail Wizard has been designed with the user in mind as it comes already assembled and it is just a simple wrap of the chain around the post, slip a chain link in the slot provided and screw the handle to tighten.

The SSW has been designed with strength in mind whilst keeping it compact and balanced for overall performance. All points are rounded with safety in mind when handling and when clamped in positions that may intrude on personal space.

The Easiest Way to Add Shade ….  Anywhere

Innovation in your backyard

The Shade Sail Wizard system is simple but very effective way of controlling exposure to all the weather conditions we experience whether it is the sun, wind or rain. The system of clamps allows us to take control of our shade sails, tarpaulins and other coverings by changing the positions when required.

This Is One Amazing Invention

“Remember make every post a winner with Shade Sail Wizard”

Connect it to Any Pole

So many uses, the wizard is only limited to your imagination.  What a handy device to take camping!


Just take a look at a few ways the Shade Sail Wizard can be used around your home.

Let the Wizard shade you

Take a look at our beaut video to fully understand what The Shade Sail Wizard can do for you !

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